Learn: The need for spiritual development and evolution is widely recognised as the most crucial factor in progress. This awareness is growing larger by the day. At Shivanetra, we believe that spiritual learning should be conceptual and true to the source and at the same time should incorporate techniques and processes that help to implement and practise in daily life. Knowledge in action is true wisdom! If you are able to appreciate this, and seek teachings of Indian Spirituality, write to us and keep track of our classes.


Volunteer: A volunteer gives a piece of themselves and carries back much more. Many of our projects offer volunteering opportunities which help you as an individual and the collective human community. Most of our work centres around spiritual learning, awareness and education. Write us and let us know of your intentions and do keep track of our programmes and initiatives. We will invite you to our volunteer orientations and help you empower ‘your’ world and ‘the’ world.