Every Child is Nature’s personal expression of Growth, Joy and Progress. It is but natural that children are resilient -they bend and jump, are adept at picking up languages, skills and engage freely without hindrance – till family, society and conditions start making forceful influences.  The unique Abhyutsmi Assessment is an exercise to unravel the visible and not-so-visible aspects of a child’s innate capabilities and tendencies. The very design and structure in Abhyutsmi is to make a prognosis which created a broad-based canvas that encompass options. We assess the Strengths of a Child and not focus on the limitations and weaknesses. A child, from birth through early childhood, puberty and right up to maturity – is akin to a sprout, bud and flower. It is well known that while nature provides all ingredients, the gardener is the one who understands what that particular plant needs and facilitates provisioning of the requisite ingredients to the plant. A plant though, grows by itself and the Gardener takes care with minimum intrusions!!! In the human world – parents, teachers and peers do this facilitation.   You can now begin the partnering journey in parenting through nurturing, appreciating and participating with your Child.


We would like to point out that the test results are a Guidance and not a prediction or prescription! The very fact that multiple choices and opportunities exist are both a boon and bane. The indications given are only suggestive based on the energy patterns of the child which are obtained in the course of the assessment process. Every preceding and succeeding environmental influence shapes these patterns. The family, social and school conditions, prevailing situations therein, mind and health conditions at the time of the test including the precise time of day, week, year are all influencers. Hence this prognosis reveals a snapshot picture of Basic and Influencing patterns and designs of a Child.


Understanding and Appreciating these will make a profound impact. The suggestions are good guide to what is possible and what is a practical way for transactional engagement in the parenting process. A question then arises – How Long would this assessment be an Indication? You would surely appreciate that the subtle patterns of energy, which are operating in and around a child, are always in a state of flux and continually changing. Hence our general advice would be to make prognosticatory assessments as often as possible, but at least once in 6 months. Parents would be well advised to note that all energies are reprogrammable and have a natural tendency to evolve.  However, some Dominant traits tend to repeat in the tests every time. It is over a span of time that the patterns would take a more definitive orientation.


Abhyutsmi assessment is done over four fundamental paradigms. The comprehensive understanding and appreciation of a Child is facilitated through four distinct (and yet overlapping) layers. Subtle and dynamic energies combine in these paradigms to form the fundamental structure and operational matrix of life. These operate from the subtler (finer) realms and permeate through to the manifest (sensorialy observable) realms.