Shivanetra lineage is guided by the teachings of Sri Skanda Guru Natha. SKANDA  Consciousness is the both the path of our journey as it is the destination !!!


Shivanetra refers to the Third Eye of Lord Shiva, one of the Hindu Trinity who represents Dissolution, along with the phases of Creation and Sustenance.  The Third Eye, in mythology refers to that Supreme Power, which when opened leads to total reduction of all Creation to dust or ashes after being consumed by the great deluge called Pralaya. Lord Shiva’s Third Eye is right in the middle of the forehead. In contemporary parlance, the opening of the Third Eye signifies the activation of the Pineal Gland which is situated just behind the Third Eye within the inner brain. Rudraksha beads also symbolize the Third Eye.


In essence the Third Eye is the vision of sublime Spiritual Evolution, the dawn of ultimate knowledge. Everything which seemed ‘real’ reduces into dust or ‘nothingness’ – the realization that the whole of creation in the first instance was an illusion. According to traditional Indian scriptures, Third Eye is the symbol of enlightenment; a passage to Moksha or the realization of the true reality of the Universe.


The first Shivanetra is said to have been born out of Lord Shiva’s Third Eye as a Swayambhu or Self-Manifested Being. It also suggests the Hindu deity Karthikeya or Kala Bhairava was the first Shivanetra. Temples which had been closely linked with the community of Shivanetras had either Karthikeya or Kala Bhairava as a sub-deity, with Lord Shiva as the main deity. The Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh in Northern India and Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi are said to be in this tradition. At some point of time in history, the concept had dispersed to South India as borne out by the precincts of the famous Rameshwaram temple in Tamil Nadu. A Shivanetra was never allowed to accept any form of offering like money, valuable articles etc (known as Dakshina ) from anyone. Instead multiple non-religious works in the community was recommended to seek sustenance in the form of food or money. Shivanetras are also stated to have contributed to astronomy, astrology, mathematics and worked out their own ephemeris and equinoxes based on the Vaakya calculation method, which is said to have been guided by the Sage Agastya. We are proud and blessed to the lineage called “Shivanetra”.


The Shivanetra Trust’s larger vision is the reinstating of a precious lineage almost lost. A lineage that is free from lineages, yet one of pure learning and teaching of Knowledge that is received from the Primordial Source itself. For the ones who have the calling to be a Shivanetra it is natural to “give” just as they have “received”. That indeed is the Shivanetra. For no one can convert into a Shivanetra… just has to be a Shivanetra.


As an organisation the Shivanetra Trust stands for absolute freedom in expression of the true revealed knowledge we are graced with. Knowledge and Sciences – that may date as “ancient” but are eternal, are brought about by a combination of revelations and reference to seers. Knowledge to us does not come about by proving through external data or experiment ….it is about re-searching our inner selves and the treasures left behind by the seers. Our endeavor is to extract essence of such sublime knowledge and offer it to the world. Rhyme in inner life and Rhythm in projections.


We are Shivoham – the Silence within “Me” is “I“!!!