Our Rishis have bequeathed to us, Patriotism or Desha Bhakti as a Worship and Virtue – not mere words ! Atma Jnana or self knowledge forms the foundation of Sanatana Dharma (eternal Human value system) and it is the inheritance of the whole of humanity. The Bharateeya by virtue of his bloodline has been given the esteemed honour by Mother Nature and creation itself, to be the icon and torch bearer of human spirituality. A Bharateeya by Body, Mind, Sense and Intellect complex is by himself the grail that holds the elixir of Eternal Knowledge. In fact any human being in any part of the world who relates to the essence of human spirituality is the Child of the benevolent Maa Bharathi.


Bharatheeya in Sanskrit means the child of Bharatha. And our nation is epitomized as a Mother…Our Motherland, Bharatha Matha. Bha and Ratha are two syllables in Sanskrit that collectively mean “Devoted to the Light of Knowledge”; Greatest Knowledge is the Self Knowledge. Insight into such Knowledge calls for great courage and devotion on the part of the seeker. That is why the iconography of Bharatha Matha portrays a Mother most benevolent seated on a Lion carrying a Saffron flag.


Members of Shivanetra Lineage have composed SHREE BHARATHA MATHA ASHTOTTARA NAMAVALI AARADHANA – an adoration and invocation of our Motherland. We have also published a booklet “Me The Bharatheeya” – national identity learning for children.