Education is the right of every child and providing it is the duty of every adult. Education begins before birth and should be received in the Womb as much as in the World. Prenatal and Infant education is priceless; you are indeed getting a unique opportunity to Nurture the Future.


Prenatal and Perinatal education forms the foundation upon which the learning framework of a child gets constructed.  What happens in the critical period of Preconception, Pregnancy and Infancy defines the course of lifetime events for a Human Being.


Till recently, these facts were either less known or unknown. However, research and advancement in prenatal and perinatal sciences has brought forth a new understanding on learning and development of children. It is now established that the period of 1100 days [3 months before conception, 9 months of pregnancy and 2 years of infancy] forms the definition of life.


A less known fact is that, these were common knowledge in ancient cultures and have been expounded in various scriptures. In present times, this awareness is a dire need for parents in particular and society in general.


Omnio Future has taken up the cause of bringing together members of the society, aiming for a better future by empowering parents and future generations. Omnio Future intends to achieve this by reaching out to at least a million babies through their parents.


Shivanetra Trust is the content provider for Omnio Future and has supported and designed the EMBED CAMPAIGN activities. Video and audio classes along with description of prenatal and infant activities are offered free of charge to the participants through www.embedcampaign.com