SOM is a pleasurable journey of Self-discovery from the roots of our culture. We are forever imagining, thinking, creating, discovering, working, and judging. With heartfelt enthusiasm, we involve in decoding and adding colour to perception of life.



Is it an event of chance or is it part of a spectacular design?

I began with a sperm and an egg in an affectionate womb. Nine months later, I opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Was that my first birthday?

I am educated as a child; I work as an adult; I make mounting trips to the hospital in old age.

I experience ‘Happiness and Sorrow’ in ‘Wealth and Health’

Am I a powerless traveller or am I the driver of my destiny?

Age catches up, a sudden event intervenes, I breath my last and I die.

Is this “The End”? Is this the Story of Me?


Our Seers state –“Jantunaam Nara Janma Durlabham” – meaning that taking birth as a Human Being is the most precious. And through the ages, Bharatheeyas have questioned – Who am I? Where did I come from? Where do I go? What’s happening around me? Who controls My Life – I, Someone or Something?


Life is neither an uncontrollable roller coaster ride nor a staid laid back event where we naively take a “We know it all” position. Without a doubt there is more to it than meets the Eye!


It is a thrilling episode in a fantastic voyage. Let’s embark on a sojourn traced by our seers, which we call THE STORY OF ME! We have had more than a hundred runs with jubilant audiences! Every can share, learn and experience something special through this unique journey.


We continue this Self-Discovery workshop where embarrassing and odd questions are welcomed with delight!