Shivanetra Trust is actively engaged in spreading the wisdom of our Ancient Rishis and the Cultural ethos of India. Conducting programmes based on the Spiritual Sciences of India has been the active pursuit of the Trust over the last few years. Garbha Jyoti is an independent stream of activity that works during the course of pregnancy.


Garbha Jyoti Programme

Garbha Jyoti is specially designed for the economically weaker sections of the society keeping in mind any limitations of time and space, literacy skills, cultural differences, behavioural patterns, religious beliefs etc. Garbha Jyoti sessions can be taken up at Aanganwadis or Health Centres or even other NGO groups owing to the simplicity and ease in training trainers.


Women in the weaker sections of our population are more prone to poverty, violence and despair. A pregnant woman is continuously subjected to such factors and hence she weakens under these pressures. The clear victim, more often, is the Child in the Womb. We can imagine how such environment and situations will adversely affect the child in the womb. Violent nature, behavioural disorders, immunity and intelligence are all conditioned through the stages of pregnancy and impact the rest of life of a human being.


Importance of Garbha Jyoti

Creation of a Human Being begins from the Mother’s Womb.  The foetus in the womb begins acquiring the sense of Touch, Taste, Smell, Hearing, Listening, Seeing and the required energy for Actions whilst there. The perception that “A Child Begins to acquire Knowledge only After Birth” is misplaced is evident from the above statement. Even when the Child remains in the womb, it acquires all basic and essential knowledge needed by it.


In fact, education begins before birth.  When the future Parents, who are nourishers of the Child, become aware of this knowledge they will be fully empowered to contribute in the development of the child in a Simple yet Holistic manner whilst in in the womb .The emotional state of a Pregnant Woman determines the capacity of a Human Being to grow to become a responsible citizen and a conscious human being.


As soon as the child begins to perceive the environment from inside the womb, the influences and tendencies of the Mother and Father begin to affect the Child. These perceptions then shape the character and actions of the child as it grows and develops into an adult. A foetus responds and reacts to the thoughts and sounds which emanate from or impact upon the mother. The foetus, in turn, picks up the tendencies of arguments, anxiety, pressure and the like from the sounds impacting the mother.


Aspects of Garbha Jyoti

Retaining the core Spiritual and Scientific Basis of Prenatal Education, Shivanetra Trust has developed an Effective and Simple way of using this knowledge. Garbha Jyoti is a humble offering, as a part of this effort.

  • A Celebration of the Divinity of Life carried within the Womb could be arranged as a Garbha Jyothi event.

  • Use of Audio Visual Medium to disperse information- Knowledge about the developing foetus is given to Pregnant along with awareness about how her life affects the baby. The objective is to create a Positive Experience and a strong Emotional Memory for the Mother and build a Promising Future for the Child in her Womb. This is done through a session to give knowledge and show the miracle of creation and childbirth.

  • Practice materials using Colour Therapy techniques. Literacy is not essential to engage in these practices. The pregnant mother is provided with a Garbha Jyothi kit – with simple meditation activity book, a set of colours, some games, creative activity kit and a picture book with hand gestures that can give some benefits of yoga practises.

  • Aanganwadi workers are guided and trained into becoming Prenatal Education and Health Workers.


Global Movement in Prenatal Empowerment

Ancient Indian Sages always had the full knowledge of Conception and Pregnancy. Our scriptures contain significant details on conception, pregnancy and influences on the child in the womb. Today the world is awakening to this reality. APPPAH (The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, USA) is such a movement and its mission statement says that:


“APPPAH educates professionals and the public, worldwide, that a baby’s experience of conception, pregnancy, and birth creates lifelong consequences for individuals, families, and society. As a result of scientific discoveries and continually emerging evidence, we know babies are conscious and sentient beings.”


It goes on to state – “In the last 30 years, the APPPAH Community has fundamentally:

  • Re-defined the nature of the human prenate as an aware, communicative, and vulnerable being;

  • Re-set the starting time for parenthood from after birth to before conception; and

  • Revealed the hidden connections between the quality of conception, pregnancy, and birth, and the quality of individual wellness, public health, and compassionate society.”


A happy and peaceful pregnancy produces a bright and brilliant child. The awakening to the significance of Prenatal education is turning into a global movement. “9 Months to Save the World – A successful OMAEP panel event during the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20” has blossomed into The Global Prenatal Initiative (GPI). The GPI is gathering support from both civil society and governments and prepared events that took place throughout 2014. In 2015, the GPI became “Global Prenatal Initiative, 9 Months to Light up the World” in partnership with the United Nations International Year of Light


“Infanticide is strictly prohibited in our Laws” – this implies that a foetus has a Right to Life!

Then does it not suggest that the same unborn life has a Right to Education whilst in the womb?

Is it not our responsibility to create an opportunity for peace and empowerment for the child in the womb? Is it not its birth right?


Shivanetra Trust

Shivanetra Trust is a registered charitable trust working towards spreading the Ancient Wisdom of our Scriptures with an appropriate blend of modern Sciences. We conduct programmes for the wellbeing and development of a Child in the Womb, Parents, Family and Society as a whole.


Managing Trustee Sri Shivakumar Belavadi has done intense spiritual work on Garbha Sanskar – studying and contextualising the dictums of various scriptures and rejuvenating the cultural significance of Garbha Sanskar in the Indian context. He is a certified Prenatal and Perinatal Educator (PPNE) and a member of APPPAH. Sarmistha Mishra, Trustee of Shivanetra Trust is a senior mentor and also a member of APPPAH. She is the Project Cordinator for Garbha Jyothi.


The Trust works at promoting Holistic Learning of Babies conception, pregnancy and early years of childhood.


Participate in Garbha Jyoti

Our Future Citizens are in the Womb! We seek your financial, physical and emotional support in implementing this noble cause. Please do join as a Volunteer, Trainer or Sponsor.


We provide Holistic Knowledge on pregnancy and conception. The unique and simple Garbha Jyothi program has been devised to make it accessible for weaker sections of society. A pregnancy kit has been developed to meet their needs. These materials could also be procured locally by sponsors. Shivanetra Trust will partner with organisations and individuals by providing the knowledge and required training for volunteers/trainers.