Garbha Vijnana – the Ancient Science of the Womb brings to light the amazing process of birth, the starting point this journey of life. The confluences that occur in the process of birth bring to light the power of creation. It is a highly empowering learning that provides each learner with the opportunity to redefine one’s own life and at the same time contribute to another’s. This is indeed the pinnacle of education.


Garbha Vijnana brings together the teachings of many Upanishads and Puranas to form a consolidated learning of the spiritual science of human creation. Holding references to Garbha Upanishad, Garuda Purana, Bhagavd Gita, Sri Vidya, Brahmanda Purana and Skanda Purana to name a few; Garbha Vijanana seamlessly integrates into modern day Pre-Perinatal Sciences. The opportunities that emerge from this union is truly overwhelming both in the scope of an individual’s life and the evolution of the human society as well.


The period from conception, pregnancy and infancy is being widely recognised by scientific and social communities as the “Golden Period” for it decides the entire course of human life. Garbha Vijanana expounds the expression and formative processes that form all the crucial paradigms of  human development during the Golden Period.


We at Shivanetra, truly believe the knowledge of Garbha Vijanana and the techniques that have been created based on it, are a Gift to Mankind that needs to be propagated, practised and promoted. We actively train trainers in Prenatal and Infant development. We have integrated the most recent developments in the field and the foundational knowledge through scriptural teachings to create Prenatal and Infant development activities that are packaged through our Garbha Jyoti programme. The same process is applied in the content and packages that we have developed for Omnio Future. A unique series of meditation packages called the “Garbha Series” has been developed by Shivanetra on the lines active art meditation through a unique method called “Lahari”. It incorporates the practise of Sri Vidya during pregnancy and extensively uses Yantra [Sacred Geometry], Mantra [Sacred Sounds] and Chandas [Sacred Sequences]. Shivanetra conducts Lahari mentor training for select participants.