Education is defined as the facilitation for learning. As a human community, we all have a vested interest in education. There is a world-wide movement in redefining education to make it most effective for the generations of children who are the future citizens of the world. The academic system which was put in place during the Victorian Enlightenment and the structures that followed it, are not delivering the outcomes expected from education today. The future holds a promise for mankind to live as a global community. Adaptability, interpersonal and intra personal skills, creativity and Self-definition are the highest in demand. And this demand will continue to grow as our children progress to live life as adults. These beneficial and necessary outcomes can result without hassles if our children are educated from the early days in a channelised and intentional manner with the right inputs in place.


Before the age of Colonisation and the Industrial Revolution, educational systems existed on the basis of occupation, religion or value systems. Gurukulam system is the ancient system of education that has its origins in Indian sub-continent. There is a common misconception amongst the masses that Gurukulam is the name of a “place of learning” guided by a mentor called “guru”. A few interested researchers have given some more ideas of what the Gurukulam was prior to the origin of the schooling system in India.


Gurukulam, is a system of education that was practised in ancient times and underwent major changes through history. It is undoubtedly the most successful system of education that embodies the subtlest of human sciences.  Content is drawn out from Human Consciousness at the top of the curriculum pyramid, with all possible known sciences and studies at the base of it. The method of delivery is an engagement with Human Energy Field. Occult sciences help to divine creative potential in each individual while cultural learning fosters unity within diversity. Its effects are seen even to present times in the creative and learning potential of people in India – whether it is the influence of culture, or the style of parenting.


Aparajita – The Undefeated Power of Gurukulam – is a knowledge sharing programme by Shivanetra Trust for educators and pedagogists who seek to learn more about Gurukulam and wish to learn techniques of implementing the same in their organisations or homes. We have also reinvented the teaching content in the Gurukulam through our Oneness Curriculum which fuses ancient wisdom and modern sciences.