Some modern scientific discoveries:

  • Moon influences tides in the oceans and your brain too!

  • Jupiter disperses more energy to the Sun – more than it receives from the Sun and thus creates Sun spots!

  • The Venus rotates in reverse and in an axis 180 degrees to that of the earth!

  • The magnetic force of Saturn is 478 times more than the earth!


Now, consider this – All these facts, and many more, were well propounded in ancient texts of astrology by our Rishis. These texts also describe the “Energy Quotient” of a human being which is an index of one’s progress in health, prosperity and spirituality.


Shivanetra Trust regularly conducts Nithya Jyothisha sessions to share the knowledge of planetary influences in our daily life and methods of harnessing their powers using simple and direct techniques. It also helps those who are involved in astrological remedies through stones or rituals to understand better the knowledge supporting these remedies and thus make them more effective. These sessions are receiving very positive response from the audience, given their healing nature.


The planets relate directly to the eclectic energy centres within our body. The universe recognises us, our aspirations and our needs through an energy signature, of which we are the architect.  Astrology is a method of connecting the Universe and Self. Astro-Healing technique called Jyothisha Lahari, is a unique process of harnessing and blending energies of planets into daily life for personal progress.


Know how Navagrahas relate to your life and map your energy quotient through the “Jyoti Mandala” an assessment module, created by Shivanetra Trust. The process does not involve personal astrological consultation. The test will be conducted and results issued via email. Nithya Jyothisha sessions help in developing a complete perspective of the basis of this test. Jyoti Mandala also provides a unique pyramid meditation experience and aura reading to enhance well – being.