Self-Knowledge has two components to it, Construct and Process. Holistic empowerment dawns when one learns about the Universal connect and also the direct results of energy transactions in daily life. Spiritual Knowledge becomes mere scholarly intellect if does not come package with an understanding of the basic working of life experience – what one feels, what one thinks and how one behaves. Spiritual teaching has been missing this element of “technique” also called Tantra owing to the taboo attached with the word.


Kundalini Tantra is the essential knowledge of hoe life energy works within us making our lives the experience that it is. The teaching involves many concepts that re widely practised in other traditions like Tibetian Buddhism. Kundalini Tantra forms the foundation and explains the spiritual dimensions of thinking skills, reasoning skills, affective skills, emotional literacy and behaviour modification practises that are growing popular by the day.


Learning Kundalini Tantra and practising the techniques brings balance and efficiency in all aspects of human life. In its essence, it deals with the Thought – Feeling – Action triangle bound by Emotion, pivoted on Reason, driven into Desire and propelled by Intellect.


Kundalini Tantra classes have been a life changing experience for many. It incorporates the learning of Chakra, Rasa, Guna, Bhava, Nadi, Karma, Swara, Loka, Tala and Vichara. Based on revelations from the Lalita Sahasranama, this is truly a Life Management knowledge, Kundalini Tantra invokes thoughts that can enhance the quality of life experiences.