Lahari is a wave. We can ride the waves to Peace and Bliss or get tossed around by the waves of Life. Shivanetra’s Lahari program is a unique technique for people seeking solutions to every day issues and problems afflicting them. A peaceful and calm mind seem to be both a pre- requisite as well as the end result of meditation practices that involve mind control. However, there are other methods that are more effective because they bypass the state of mind and connect the subconscious to the universal energies.


The use of Yantra [Sacred Geometry], Mantra [Sacred Sounds] and Chandas [Sacred Sequences] are simplistic, as well as engaging. Every chant, sound and pattern prescribed in Lahari , is full of sacred power for alleviating misalignments and promoting wellbeing. It appears so simple but has proven effectiveness when done with sincerity and devotion. As Prof. SK Ramachandra Rao illustratively comments -“Yantras or Cosmograms are instruments, spheres of influence, a consecrated group, an arena for play of thoughts, feelings and forces – both inside the devotee and outside”.  Rightly described as psycho cosmograms these shape and color complexes are instruments that are employed to activate energies, stimulate thoughts, harmonize feeling and coordinate inner and outer forces thus bringing balance into life.


Lahari is a product of divine revelations combined with disciplined research. There are many concepts – scientific and esoteric, commonly and sparingly used, all of which are blended to make the experience rich and meaningful to every seeker. They operate in the realms of both Praapti [gaining] or Parihaara [remedying]. The techniques and tools used in Lahari are simple yet highly effective. They promote universal alignment of energies and bring about a visible balance into daily living of human beings.


On a standalone platform, Lahari could also be used for guidance in the path of Knowledge or Jnana. But the focus here is clearly to work on Healing, Remediation and Evolutionary Meditation. The tools and techniques are for bringing forth solutions for matters in daily life and thence inspire one towards spiritual progress. Lahari used during Preconception and Pregnancy are called Udaya Garbha and Vishwa Garbha respectively.


In substance, Lahari meditation mediates between Human and Universal Energies. Experience the effective, easy and simply methodology of enhancing human potential in all realms.

  • Each Program starts with an assessment of the driving energies which are currently operating in an individual.

  • Practices are evolved for each individual and the solution being sought. These are to harmonise energies and channelize it to specific ends based on the Energy Patterns

  • The practices will last over 7 to 10 sessions based on the needs of the person. Practices could be done at the Shivanetra Centre or carried home after initial counselling

  • Ingredients and materials will be provided at Shivanetra Centre