Teaching can be done but learning is an occurrence. There are a few myths associated with learning and teaching. For example: That “Learning is an equal and opposite reaction to the action of teaching” OR that “Learning is something that happens in the brain”.


We know that teaching is not just transferring information. There is a sort of quantum entanglement that happens between the Mind and the Subconscious of human beings where there is a teaching – learning relationship. That is when true learning occurs. Teaching can be defined as that action which facilitates the occurrence of learning.


As long as one learns; one can teach. When the internal learning stops; the external teaching stops. Teaching is part of parenting, guiding, mentoring and sometimes even in human relationships like friendship. We are constantly influencing the thought processes and patterns of people around us and that is what teaching amounts to. Teaching as a natural occurrence need not be channelized but when it is intentional there is a conscious element of awareness that comes into the process.


A teacher has to be very conscious and aware of who he or she is, what is the basic construct of a human being and thereby how can the occurrences of learning be sparked. There is a movement towards the change in educational philosophies around the world and this will cause a demand for newage holistic teachers, new techniques of parenting and new understanding of guidance and mentorship.


Shivanetra Trust focuses on conscious teaching with the awareness that human being is a resonant energy being. Preparation of a teacher begins with preparation for Self-knowledge. And a life that reflects such self-awareness, is the first step towards the preparation of being a teacher.  We offer training courses to parents and teachers who wish to evolve in their roles and influence and enrich the lives of the next generation.


We offer:

  • Prenatal Educators Training

  • Infant Educators Training

  • Early Childhood Educators Training

  • Dakshina – Child Empowerment Programme

  • Deeksha – Teachers Empowerment Programme

  • Poshaka – Holistic Paarenting

  • Aparajitha – Educators and Curriculum Developers Training