Life energy that runs the power supply through our body is plugged in at the source of all energy, Universal Consciousness.  Transmissions to every cell and unit of our Being is carried out through a channelled network called the Nadi system, through which runs a flow of life energy, Prana. At the unit of this network is the carrier, a subtle fluid concoction of transmitters called Rasas. There are nine categories of rasas, collectively called Navarasas. The Nadi system works closely in association with the nervous and circulatory system of the physical body; thus, being a core player in our state of health and well-being.


Navarasas are not a common feature in many of our scriptures. However, Natya Shastras and Sacred Art related scriptures have preserved this knowledge as a guidance to artists. This guidance has expositions on the nine categories of expressions of art and their effects on the audience. The composition of the rasas can define the resultant transmission of messages to the nervous system as the Prana passes through. Prana carries to us our abundance and wealth from the Universal Source. If the carrier rasas are not aligned in symmetry with our being, manifestation of these rightful gifts in life becomes difficult, like a game of Chinese Whispers.


Pranaanjali is the knowledge of manifesting wellness through the understanding of how Rasas work.  The knowledge sharing sessions also describe in detail the effects of music, sounds, visuals, patterns and many such bombardments in our daily life upon which we seem to have very less direct control. Techniques of Pranaanjali can be adopted while choosing a harmonious life style and can result in better metabolism and increased energy levels too. With power to enhance stamina, regulate health and confer beneficial attitude, Prannaajali can rearrange your aura.