Ancient Indian science of Jyotisha is not astrology; infact the science of astrology is just one part of Jyotisha. This is not a pseudo-science of predictions; it is a science of psychology, study of human intelligence and cosmology and their effects in human life.


Jyothisha is one of the six Vedangas. The Vedangas are in turn a part of the Vedas which could be the tools for unraveling the sacred depths of knowledge in the Vedas. Jyothisha alludes to Light or the Eyes suggesting that the way forward can be derived from Jyothisha. The question then arises, what is the “way” and which is “forward”?


A Human Being is a part of the Universal Creation.  There is a clear order and a discernible pattern in Creation, Sustenance and Final Dissolution. This is the Kaalachakra. Birth, Life and Death are seen as three points in time reflecting the above dimensions. They take a cyclical form commencing again with Rebirth. The cycle of Birth, Death and Rebirth, which is also called Samsaara Chakra, seems to be endless. Life or Consciousness exists in varied forms in each of these realms. Popular perception is that the Samsaara Chakra is full of miseries and the ultimate way out of it is Moksha or Realisation.


Finding the way in the maze of Samsaara/Kaalachakra could be a challenge. Jyothisha , as the Eyes or Light showing the path , is the apt tool for charting the way. It could be used as a Guide Map for the journey in Human Form. In Shaaktha Jyothisha, we treat all of life as an event and this form being just a wave in the Ocean of Time.


Jyothisha could be used to its full potential for guidance or used in a limited sense for predicting outcomes on life events. The knowledge acquired through science of Shaaktha Jyothisha and the props or tools used therein are both equally sacred. The immediate purpose is to make daily life more aligned by removing afflictions, healing and giving what one desires. However, the larger purpose at all times is based on the undercurrent of spiritual progress and evolution of human beings.


Shivanetra conducts intensive training programmes in Shaaktha Jyotisha for those seeking ancient wisdom of Astro-psychology, Human Sciences and Affective Sciences.