In this human realm, the Guru or the spiritual preceptor, who helps us and to leads us to victory in our battle with Avidya or our lower nature, is the counterpart of Lord Skanda. The Guru is the personification of Skanda-Sakti. Skanda is the personification of complete Sadhana in this world. The law which has been demonstrated by the Skanda Avatara is, in actual life, brought out by the representation of Skanda in the form of the Guru, by the representation of the Devas or the celestial army in the form of the aspirant who is purified and is prepared to approach Guru and seek Grace. Therefore, saints like Ramana Maharshi, Mahavatar Babaji, etc are referred to incarnations of Lord Skanda. Lord Skanda Himself, the son of Lord Shiva, is said to be the source from which the Shivanetra Lineage originates. Lord Skanda is the icon of spiritual knowledge and heart intelligence.


Kumara Tantra is the body of work that illustrates the powers and invocations of Lord Skanda. This body of knowledge was carried by the Shivanetras from Varanasi to the south of India where the Siddhas not only practised and propagated it, but also carried it over to Tibet. The life story and iconography of Padmasambhava has a striking resemblance to Lord Skanda. Many teachings of Shivanetras therefore, are similar to Tibetan Budhism.


Shivanetra lineage is guided by the teachings of Sri Skanda Guru Natha. SKANDA  Consciousness is the both the path of our journey as it is the destination !!!