Over the past centuries, we have bought into the idea of schooling being synonymous with learning. As a result, our collective mindsets are programmed to think of learning as something that should happen in a particular age, at a particular place, in a particular schedule and syllabus and with a particular end, that most of the times can be assessed and grouped into a number or grade. Learning cannot be restricted into such a tight grid.


The information age makes it possible for one to be “informed” about anything by just the movement of the finger tips to “look it up”. This has treacherously contributed to the understanding that one can “learn anything, anywhere anytime”. Being “informed” is not the same as “learning”.


Learning is expansive and empowering. The purpose of human life is to learn and to progress. All other purposes are fractals of this. We need a Learning Culture that will reinstate our ways of life.  “Knowing” is becoming aware of. This can happen through information or vibration of any kind.  “Learning” is knowing more about what you know. “Wisdom” is the application of what is learnt in life. The quality of Learning thus depends upon how knowledge is known through various approaches and how a learner applies a technique to manifest knowledge in life.


Our HELP [ Harness & Enhance Learning Potential] programme focuses on:

  1. Understanding the process of Learning

  2. Understanding the importance and necessity of being a Learner

  3. Learning how to Learn

  4. Awareness of Transactional Reality and Absolute Reality of a human being

  5. The technique to make Learning relevant and firmly grounded by linking it to one’s own life and reality

  6. Integration and assimilation of content

  7. Training to teach oneself and turn everything in life into a learning prop


ME sessions

  1. The Story of ME – Basic understanding of Human Construct and its play in the journey of life

  2. The Universal ME – Human Being as a Resonant Energy Being

  3. ME and the Other ME – Human role as an influencer and the influenced

  4. Discovery of ME – Constructing a new version of the Self and redefining life