Graceful Ageing is a boon. As the sunset years of life approach, one tends to reminisce past years. Vaitarni is a programme for the elderly that helps them compose their own swan song as they look forward to the ultimate transition and the journey beyond. Senior years are not supposed to be lazy retirement years according to the Ashrama system described in our scriptures. This is a high potential phase when a person has a direct experience of the real worth of life.


Continuum of consciousness after death is a given. Our scriptures like Srimad Bhagavd Gita and Garuda Purana provide knowledge not only about what happens after we leave the body, but also on how to prepare to have the best journey after life. The cycle of life and death, Kala Chakra, forms a spiral leading into many births. There is a promise of a great experience in the horizon, which can be created in the present life.


A life lived with preparation for death is truly a great one. The art of dying and being reborn every single day makes us complete. Vaitarni empowers the elderly with this fulfilment. Vaitarni also provides guidance to the families of those who have passed on through the teachings of Pithru Sanskaras, rites of passage onto the next life conducted as a memorial service through most traditions. It is the greatest contribution we can offer to the journey of the Soul.