The way we think is programmed by our subconscious.  Our subconscious is constructed over the period of conception, womb experience and infancy and has its foundation even before conception. There is language that our subconscious use to form expressions through our mind, feelings, emotions and eventually our physical body. All we are in experience and beyond is programmed in our subconscious; which itself is reprogrammable.


SLP is more effective and almost natural in children. As a human being grows, beliefs and conditioning turn more rigid and it takes longer to mellow the subconscious patterns before they can be reprogrammed.


The subconscious is the software that runs our life experiences and keeps us travelling through he cause – effect sequences. Reprogramming the subconscious language means a quantum leap; almost like a rebirth. If programmed harmoniously, we emerge in our best potential.


The popular understanding is that subconscious is a powerful part of the mind and that hypnosis, repetition and reinforcement are the methods to reprogramme the subconscious. However, revelations through our seers speak of the sub conscious being a distinct component of our Self; different in formation, structure and operation from the mind.


The process of learning and imbibing subtle spiritual sciences are the strongest sub conscious influences that can reprogramme our entire being. Such Super Learning creates a landslide effect in our inner selves similar to a near-death experience; minus the possible traumatic after and before events.  SLP can change and reset your entire belief systems.


Shivanetra Trust offers SLP [Subconscious Language Programme] through Vijnana Tantra which includes learning of Ancient Indian spiritual sciences in a unique combination with the emerging new sciences of the present day. The words of wisdom from the seers and the astonishing facts emerging through modern age consciousness studies merge within the subconscious and throw open a whole vision of the Universal Self thus enabling paradigm changes to occur silently and efficiently.