Many of us live our lives preparing the best we can for an unknown future. However, there are situations that occur, that are either unexpected in the sequence, severity of the impact. For example, being in a car crash, sudden death of a loved one, winning a lottery etc. These events offer   huge opportunities for transformation, more so if they are traumatic in nature. Even in the absence of such events, it is quite likely that a person gets lost in the mundane maze of monotony and starts questioning very existence. Where the common advice would be to forget, overcome or loose oneself to a break; spiritual knowledge offers advice is to harvest these moments to seek one self.


We have seen the rise of anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders in recent times.  Depression and teenage disturbances also seem to be on the rise. All depression is not regressive. On the contrary, most forms of depression are constructive. Depression is an invisible signal that the subconscious is ready for transformation.


Vivartana is a programme for anyone in such a transformative stage in life. The programme is not based on counselling or therapy. Change is the only constant and it begins from within.